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Do not stop any of your routine medication unless specifically told to do so.

  • typically Aspirin, Ecotrin, St. John’s wort, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories and Arnica tablets should be stopped at least 5 days before surgery

Bring your chronic medication or a copy of a prescription with you to the ward.

Diabetic patients must suck glucose sweets or drink sugar water so as not to drop their blood glucose levels too low while not eating prior to surgery.

Remove all jewelry and or nail varnish for your stay in hospital. (Not medic alert bracelets.)

Have a shower or bath the evening before using ordinary soap and water.
No antiseptics.
Sleep well, don’t smoke or drink alcohol the night before surgery. Use a sleeping tablet if required.

Do not eat later than 24H00 (midnight) the night before the day of surgery.

Clear fluid such as water can be drunk up to two hours before surgery or until 6H00.
(Surgery usually begins at 8H00)

Usually you will have been admitted to the ward by 19H00 the previous day or 7H00 on the day of surgery. Patients are admitted the night before if they have medical problems which are of anaesthetic relevance and if they require blood or other tests for this reason.

Report to the hospital reception, complete the admission process and staff will take you to the ward.

In the ward, the nursing staff will admit you and prepare the surgical site. This is done using Betadine ointment which is painted on the skin and covered by a sterile green Towel. If you have an allergy to Iodine please tell the nursing staff before they apply the Betadine. They will collect all valuables for safe keeping but we recommend you bring only the bare essentials.

You will be seen before surgery by the Anaesthetist and your Surgeon will see you to say hello and complete your consent form if not already done. The surgical site must be marked by the surgeon. All last minute questions can be answered at this time.

From the ward you will be taken to the theatre receiving area and from there to the operating room.

Think calm and positive thoughts and plan a favorite holiday destination for when you drift off to sleep with anaesthetics.

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