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The first minimally invasive PAO surgery

12 December 2011

The first minimally invasive Periacetabular Osteotomy surgery in our practice, for a patient with Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip was performed by Dr TW Munting in June this year. So far the patient is doing well.

Previously this surgery was performed through a very large approach or multiple approaches which was not only more invasive wrt the soft tissue damage , but also cosmetically unappealing to many patients. This is especially relevant to young women who most often have this condition. See pictures. The new approach which is fluoroscopically(xray) guided allows for a quicker recovery as well. This is a technically demanding procedure performed by few orthopaedic surgeons around the world.

The patient is more than 6 months post op and returning to sport.

minimally invasive PAO surgery

minimally invasive PAO surgery

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