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Hip Arthroscopy Review

19 September 2014

Dr Munting recently performed a retrospective review of his first 230 hip scope operations ending June 2013 with a minimum of 1 year followup. This was presented at the recent South African Orthopaedic Association meeting held at the CTICC in Cape Town. His results are in line with the international norm and the following is an update of some of the stats related to this procedure:

65 to 85% of patients are satisfied with this procedure. Dr Munting reported an 80% figure.

Generally improvement in pain and hip function range between 65% and 96% and these result are mostly dependent on the degree of cartilage damage and the age of the patient. Dr Munting found that was the case especially if the was damage to the cartilage on the femoral head and mostly patients over the age of 45 do worse.

Hip arthroscopy was found to be an effective procedure with very good outcomes and low complication rates, especially when performed by experienced surgeons.

International complication rates vary from 0.5% to 5 %. Dr Munting has had no permanent major complications to date. His rate of minor complications was 1.7%

Hip arthroscopy remains a specialized surgical technique that is difficult to master, according to a review by Dr Brian Kelly University of Michigan, in Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery:2013;95B:10-19



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