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Whenever possible, a meniscal tear should be repaired using meniscal sutures. rvb-meniscal-repair-01 2
There are numerous devices available for this and excellent results have been shown in all manner of tears.

It has also been well demonstrated now that the age of the patient is not as important as the physiological status of the patient when deciding whether or not to suture.


rvb-meniscal-repair-02 2 rvb-meniscal-repair-03 2

When a meniscal tear is diagnosed and treated, with or without surgery it is important to protect the healing tear.

  1. This is done by a cessation of all impact sport for four months.
  2. Crutches are used for between 10 days and 8 weeks depending on the tear pattern.
  3. The knee is immobilised in a hinged knee brace which limits the amount of flexion of the knee and this is usually kept on for eight weeks.
  4. Physiotherapy is important from the start to decrease the swelling and inflammation, regain motion and recover strength.
  5. The final phase of recovery is guided by a Biokineticist, to regain balance, power and control.
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