Practice News

SASHA Appointment of Dr TW Munting as Chairman

2 July 2015

Dr Munting has bee elected Chairman of the South African Hip Arthroscopy Society  ( for the next 2 years. Among the usual duties as outlined by the society constitution he will be responsible for coordinating and arranging the speakers and itinerary for the upcoming COMOC (Combined Orthopaedic Association Meeting, www.COMOC2016. to be held in […]

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Hip Arthroscopy Review

19 September 2014

Dr Munting recently performed a retrospective review of his first 230 hip scope operations ending June 2013 with a minimum of 1 year followup. This was presented at the recent South African Orthopaedic Association meeting held at the CTICC in Cape Town. His results are in line with the international norm and the following is an update of some of the stats related to this procedure

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Hip Arthroscopy news

22 February 2013

Dr Munting is one of the founder members of SASHA (SA society for Hip Arthroscopy). He has been responsible for facilitating the design of the website for and is proud to announce the 1st International hip arthroscopy meeting to be held Locally at the Pavilion in Cape Town on the 2nd and 3rd of MAY. The event is high lighted on the SASHA website.

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