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This rehabilitation program is not fixed in stone and may be adapted depending on intra-operative findings, occurrences and results.

With this surgery the rehabilitation is the same as for hip arthroscopy, with the emphasis on regaining range of movement. (See “After Hip Arthroscopy”)

The difference is only that you are limited to flat foot partial weight bearing with double crutches for 6-8 weeks. Also there may be no active exercising of the abductors (muscles that keep your pelvis level when standing on one leg, or open the thighs when lying down), this is the case for 6 weeks.

Physiotherapy is responsible for rotating and passively stretching the muscles around the hip joint in the first 6 weeks. After this period you will be weaned off the crutches if X-rays show that all is well. Strengthening the muscles with balance or joint position rehabilitation will ensue as well as an ongoing stretch program. After 3 months functional or sport related rehabilitation will begin with return to sport near 6 months.

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