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After basic knee arthroscopy with debridement, removal of loose bodies with or without partial meniscal debridement, the general principle is to regain full range of movement both actively and passively as soon as possible. Crutches are used for pain relief only if necessary. Immediate full weight bearing is allowed and encouraged. The use of an ice pack will aid in diminishing the swelling. As the swelling settles the flexion will improve. Dressings are removed after 12 days and a return to near normality can be expected by 6 weeks in most cases.

If any repair or transplant work is done a hinged knee brace will be fitted and the range of motion limited as appropriate for up to 6 weeks. Meniscal repairs are limited to 60 degrees for 2 weeks then 90 degrees till 6 weeks and full range after that. Also crutches will be used to limit weight bearing to partial flat foot (50%) gait weight bearing for a period of 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, a stretching program to regain full range of motion and full weight bearing and most importantly proprioception is important. Proprioceptive or joint position sense rehabilitation is vital before muscle strength training can begin in earnest. After 3months, functional or sport related rehabilitation can begin.

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