About Us: Cape Town Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic

Ours is an established but growing practice that aims to provide modern evidence based orthopaedic care, while maintaining an old fashioned personalized and hands on approach to our patients. The Tree of Andry became the symbol of Orthopaedics, stemming from the specialty’s humble beginnings of support and care for crippled children. We aim to apply the same ethos in the management of our patients.

We are not a partnership, but rather a group of associates, each with a special interest in various aspects of specialist orthopaedic surgery.

We are also associated with the Cape Sports Medicine Group based at the Sports Science Institute in Newlands Cape Town. This association provides for a more holistic approach by offering conservative alternatives to patient care as apposed to surgery. All the sports physicians are highly trained in the management of musculoskeletal disorders.

The practice is mainly based at Chris Barnard Memorial Hospital in the heart of Cape Town. This hospital is part of the Netcare group.

Some of our associates have practices in other private hospitals around the cape peninsula. Many of us also provide a service to the public and academic sector and thus we are involved in the teaching of specialists in training.

Surgery requiring overnight admission or longer is  performed at the NEW Chris Barnard Memorial Hospital. This hospital has been newly built and kitted out with the most up to date equipment, servicing many super-specialties. For our unit this means two dedicated Orthopaedic theaters with the most modern equipment money can buy backed up by dedicated wards and high care units. Eventually the Christ Barnard Memorial Hospital will form part of a medical precinct that will include a day hospital, rehabilitation step down unit and dedicated physiotherapy group to help service our patients.

We continue to bring in new associates and have teamed up with the Cape Sports Medicine Group who service a number of our top athletes and sports teams. This brings in line our ultimate goal of optimizing the conservative and surgical management of our patients young and old.